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Taco system solutions offer you comprehensive, convenient, single-source answers to your HVAC application challenges. Based on the highest industry standards and built with Taco's extensive experience, a Taco hydronic solution assures seamless integration and efficient operation. As with all components made by Taco, you can count on high quality and proven performance, whatever your HVAC application challenges.

Origin at Seahaven

Because of the Green Building movement, hydronics is getting a fresh look by system designers who seek to design commercial buildings to a new environmentally conscious standard. That's because hydronics provides a "green" solution in meeting two important environmental goals – less materials used for the HVAC system itself and less energy consumption through its operation. One look at the chart proves the economy of Taco's systems versus a VAV air system.

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In its 90-years history, Taco has led the way in commercial hydronic technology. Thousands of engineers, designers, and building owners have entrusted their projects to us, knowing that personal support is always available on line, on the phone, and in the field. Component quality, proven energy-saving system design, time-saving software, and start to finish customer service are what make Taco the best choice for your next project. Here are some examples we are particularly proud of:

Legend for Articles: Case study - Technical journal article - Published article - Website article
Project Building Type Construction Type Location Taco Equipment LEED Articles Photos Video
Notes From the Field - Case History Summaries various various various various C
Hydronics vs. Air...and the Clear Winner various various various various W
Domestic Hot Water Recirculation System: Benefits of Demand-Controlled Pumping all new & retrofit domestic hot water recirculation T
Equinix Data Center (Phase III) Data Center new TC Pumps
Florida State University: Custom Built Taco 4900 Series Air-Dirt Separator Keeps Chiller Plant at FSU Running Smooth university retrofit Florida, USA 4900 C
Get That Added Boost: Domestic Water Booster Systems all new & retrofit FI, KV P
Horse Racing and Equestrian Club - new Doha, Qatar TA & FI pumps, AC air separators
King Abdul-Aziz Endowment - new Makkah, Saudi Arabia TA pumps and MPV multipurpose valves
Lagoon Plaza Mall shopping mall new Doha, Qatar TA Pumps
Montwood High School: Air Separator Helps Solve Hydronic System Problem in Texas High School school retrofit Texas, USA 4900 C T T
Nathan Bishop Middle School school retrofit Providence, RI Taco KV pumps, expansion tank & air separator C
New Doha International Airport (NDIA) airport new Doha, Qatar TA & FI pumps, ACT air separators -
Northland Pines High School: Taco Equipment Warms Up Northern Wisconsin High School school new Wisconsin, USA FI, 1600 yes C T
Palm Tower - new Doha, Qatar TA pumps, CA expansion tanks
Pearl Development - new Doha, Qatar TA & FI pumps, AC & ACT air separators, CA expansion tanks
Reeves Company: Taco Pumps Combine with Munchkin Boilers for a Heating System that Would Make an Old Salt Proud manufacturing retrofit Massachusetts, USA 1600 C
Renaissance Providence Hotel: Taco's Air & Dirt Separator Up to Challenge of Hotel's Iron Oxide Problem hotel new Rhode Island, USA 4900 C T
Severveille: Indoor Comfort in Smoky Mountains Convention Center Provided by York Shipley, Trane and Taco Equipment events center new Tennessee, US TA pumps C
Sprint Center: New Sprint Center Sports & Entertainment Facility Opens In Kansas City events center new Missouri, USA FI T
Wakra Hospital hospital new & retrofit Doha, Qatar
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals pharmaceutical manufacturing new KS pumps
Taco Factory: Taco employs the latest technologies for LEED cerification of its facility addition factory retrofit Rhode Island, USA FI pump, 4900 air separators, KV pumps yes T
Taco Innovation and Development Center office building new Providence, RI Commercial equipment yes T