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Taco LOFlo® Systems

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The award-winning Taco LOFlo™ system sets a new standard in comfort, ease of design, chilled beams, radiant cooling/heating and Green Building energy performance for small to large buildings. Simply put, it's Taco's best.

LOFlo: The best path to radiant heating and cooling

The Taco LOFlo System is used in hydronic heating and cooling systems to significantly reduce the flow of water. Typically used in radiant panel (ceiling, wall or floor) and chilled beam (passive and active) applications, the technology significantly reduces pump flows and pipe sizes for reduced energy consumption and lower first costs. The LOFlo System also provides precise control of supply water to the terminal, e.g. chilled beam, and precise control of room temperatures.

It's simple

The basic concept of the LOFlo Mixing Block, shown here, is to provide a complete injection mixing station in a simple factory assembled package that controls each individual zone at the lowest possible flow rate and highest possible supply temperatures in the primary heating / cooling primary loop.

The LOFlo Mixing Block is the heart of the system.
  • All-in-one injection circulator, zone circulator and common bridge piping
  • Built-in hydraulic separator
  • Only 4 piping connections
  • Greatly reduces installation time
  • Substantial space savings
  • Maintenance free, wet rotor injection and zone circulators
  • Replaceable cartridge
  • Integral flow check
  • Variable speed drive injection
  • Choose from a variety of sizes and capacities for the injection and zone circulator

Cut design time down to minutes! Watch an overview of Hydronic System Solutions® software and see how!

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