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ProView at a glance

• Integrates pumps into your
existing BAS network

• Provides OneTouch ProBalance

• Saves programming time to
create custom graphics

• Automatically turns raw data
into useful information

• Graphically displays all the
performance points

• Auto trends

Save on controls contractors

SelfSensing ProBalance with iWorX ProView handles tasks you would pay a controls contractor to perform:

- Poll the source of all information at the drive

- Program what information is going to show and how it will be shown

- Program custom graphics that calculate and show real time system performance

- Calculate energy usage and savings over conventional systems

Balance with one click! Monitor on your laptop! Save on controls contractor costs.
It doesn't get any better.

See what big savings look like!
The idea behind our SelfSensing Series with ProBalance® is to make DIY balancing fast and easy. That way you can enjoy the low first costs and variable speed energy savings sooner.

Introducing iWorX ProView.
Now you can keep an eye on those savings and tweak the system performance as much as you like from the comfort of your own laptop. Just connect the iWorX ProView module and monitor system performance on the dynamic graphical interface.

Out of the box easy.
iWorX ProView has its own IP address and integrates pumps into your existing BAS system automatically, gathering new data and turning it into useful information in real time. ProView displays all of your performance points, including auto trends and energy usage.

Balancing is just a click of the mouse!
As if it isn't easy enough, we've turned all of the manual steps of SelfSensing ProBalance into a single activation click - OneTouch ProBalance™. This means BIG savings against controls contractor costs.
iWorX shows you the components of your system in an aerial view. Access real time component performance and data by clicking on it.